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Properties which have the greatest appeal to prospective tenants are those which are :-

  • professionally cleaned
  • light
  • bright
  • fresh and
  • modern

As landlords ourselves, I know that when we deal with our own properties' viewings etc. it's easy to overlook the obvious. So we've come up with a "check-list" :-

Professionally cleaned - our "Magic Cleaning" service is so called for a reason! The "magic" part is a very specific cleaning specification which gives a "sharp" first impression to prospective tenants. With a proper inventory in place you should only have to meet this specification once. In future, any costs incurred should fall to the outgoing tenant. If you want to "do it yourself" we're happy to provide our cleaning specification on request, free of charge.

Light and bright - all lights should be switched on in all rooms and entrance ways (day or night!) before viewings. All bulbs should be working with optimal wattage. Be sure to ensure there is electricity available!

Bright and fresh - Decor and paintwork should be refreshed periodically. Curtains, lamp shades etc. need to be maintained and renewed and carpets should be professionally cleaned. Here again, with a proper inventory in place, you should only have to meet this specification once. In future any costs should probably fall to the outgoing tenant.

Modern - it will come as no surprise to any developer that prospective occupants are influenced by modern kitchen and bathroom fittings. These will "date" more than most other parts of a property.


Appliance gaps

In our experience, whatever kitchen units you have in place, gaps for appliances are generally very off-putting for promotional photographs and viewings. The majority of tenants simply do not want to be faced with the prospect of immediately having to spend money for these amenities.

If this leads to a slow response to advertising and viewings, this often contributes to extended "void" periods.
Talk to us about procuring "white goods" - for every week your property is unoccupied - well, do the maths!

From a "hard boiled" business perspective - it makes sense to view this simply as a "marketing" cost.

First impressions

They say "you only get on chance to make a first impression" - so give this a little thought.
What are the first things a prospective tenant will experience when they come to view your flat?
Is the entrance and approach reasonably tidy?
Are there any off-putting smells?


When the “works” on your property are done, it’s worth spending a few minutes to create a homely impression for your viewings.

  • Make sure there's electric available
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working - with bright bulbs
  • Consider lamp-shades and curtains - cheap replacements can sometimes improve appearance - bare bulbs and windows look stark and unwelcoming
  • We’d recommend beds ( if provided) are "made up" - staging bed-linen can be removed before tenancy.
  • Consider placing a few attractive "nik naks" around the kitchen to make it look a bit more inviting.

​None of this needs to be “OTT” - it's just about creating a great first impression so you get to choose the best prospects.

They say "a picture paints a thousand words" so the pictures on this page are of local properties we've handled that generated above average interest and above average rental returns. They say something important about attention to detail.