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The Scottish Government has recently produced revised statutory guidelines on the requirements for smoke alarms in privately rented properties. A copy of the revised statutory guidance is available on the Private Rented Housing Panel website

However, the main points relative to smoke detectors are as follows;

The revised Domestic Technical Handbook guidance states there should be at least:

• One functioning smoke alarm in the room which is frequently used by the occupants for general daytime living purposes,

• One functioning smoke alarm in every circulation space, such as hallways and landings

• One heat alarm in every kitchen

• All alarms should be interlinked

The number and position of the alarms will depend on the size and layout of the house. There should be at least one alarm on each floor. The landlord should either install smoke and fire detectors that meet the standard set by building regulations or be able to justify why a lesser level of protection is appropriate in a particular house. 

If there is a requirement for a particular house to meet more stringent standards, then these more stringent standards apply. An alarm should be installed in accordance with the recommendations contained in BS5839 Part 6 and the landlord should ensure the alarm is regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. The fitting of a hard wired smoke alarm may require a building warrant and the relevant local authorities should be consulted.

The Government wish to make it harder for illegal immigrants to rent accommodation. 

The Immigration Act 2014 introduced a requirement for landlords of private rental accommodation to conduct checks to establish that new tenants have the right to rent in the UK. Landlords who rent to illegal migrants without conducting these checks will be liable for a civil penalty. 

On 29 July 2014, the Prime Minister announced that these requirements would come into force in one part of the UK in late autumn of that year. 

The requirements may apply more widely from 2015. 

The right to rent checks will only apply to new tenancy agreements. Existing tenancy agreements are unaffected and landlords will not be required to carry out retrospective checks. The requirements apply to all adults (aged 18 and over) living at the property. Failure to comply could result in a civil penalty up to a maximum £3000. 

The checks may become mandatory for all UK landlords this year (2015). 

At that point the Government will publish draft Codes of Practice, guidance and on-line resources, including an aid to help landlords and tenants identify whether they are affected and, if so, how to conduct a check. 

The Government will provide help landlords to conduct checks, providing general information, and a case-checking service for more complex cases. 

In the meantime, landlords and tenants can have a look at the right to work check on which is similar to resource that the Government will be introducing for landlords.

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